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Daniel Cloud taught philosophy at Columbia University. After graduating from Wesleyan University, he taught English at Qinghua University in Beijing. He then did a variety of jobs in Asia, and ended up working for W. I. Carr as an equity analyst in Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia.

He returned to the United States to study at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, and then in 1993 helped start Firebird Fund Management, which launched one of the first successful Russia funds. In 1998 he returned to Columbia, this time to study philosophy and biology. He is currently a partner at Euphrates Asset Management, a company that manages a fund that invests in Iraq.

Cloud finished a Ph.D. in philosophy, with honors, in 2006, and subsequently spent some time at the Institute for Biolcomplexity and Informatics in Calgary. In 2008 he became a Junior Fellow at Princeton University, and in 2011 he was hired by the school's philosophy department. He worked for Princeton's University Center for Human Values and its Humanities Council.

He has written three books: a thesis on the nature of life titled "Schrodinger's Crystal", a book about political liberty called "The Lily" (after the emblematic flower of the city of Florence) and, from Columbia University Press, "The Domestication of Language", which investigates the possibility of using Darwin's theory of domestication as a model for a theory of the origins and subsequent evolution of human languages. He is currently working on a book about the role of the arts in human evolution, starting from Darwin's account of self-adornment in "The Descent of Man".

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